About us

Locator-K Ltd was founded in 1990 in Sofia. The founder is Dipl. Eng. Milcho Dakov, former head of the state governmental unit for import, maintenance and training of specialists in the field of cable measuring and cable testing equipment for detecting faults in power cables. Utilizing the vast (over 25 years) experience of its creator, the company initially provided complex solutions exclusively for the needs of specialists in the field. In order to meet the needs of its customers more fully, over the years the company has expanded its product range and currently offers complete test and measuring solutions for the fields of Power and Water Utility, Heavy Industry, Machinery, Electrical Devices and Components Production,  Metrology, Production Control, Energy Efficiency, Working Safety, Environmental Control, Construction, Defense and many others.

Thanks to all of you, our reputable customers and partners, we have succeeded in building the image of a reliable supplier where the business cycle does not end only with the sale of the desired equipment. We strive and continue striving to provide timely support in troubleshooting your valued investments in ours or our partners’ service centers or at your location. Our specialists will be glad to support you in choosing the right equipment for your needs. Your objective choice will be guaranteed by our knowledge and long-standing experience, as well as by our comprehensive view of the advantages and disadvantages of the products of our partners and competitors whose maintenance you traditionally entrust to us.

In addition to warranty and non-warranty maintenance of your appliances, we offer:

  • Subscription plans for on-site service at your place or at the service center of the company;
  • Consultancy for modernization and improvement of your existing equipment;
  • Engineering, construction and assembling of complete control-measuring laboratories and measuring systems;
  • Organizing courses to improve the training of operating personnel;

Through us your partners will be world-renowned manufacturers of specialized equipment, established internationally.

We strive to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in our field and you can always rely on the best solutions at the best prices.

Your questions, criticisms and recommendations are highly valued, as they are our reference to your needs and the key to your better service!

Sincerely yours,

Locator-K Ltd